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0:00 [Start of Show]    
3:38Jony Kerry's Three Kiss Greeting in Paris    
9:42Obama Celebrates India's Independence    
11:05Terror Alerts Throughout Europe    
16:27Radicalization of French Terrorists    
26:46Charlie Hebdo Attacks a Jewish Conspiracy?    
30:28Free Speech vs Hate Speech    
35:22The Radicalization of Anwar al-Awlaki    
41:37CNN Coverage of Terror Attacks in Europe    
53:54Jeh Johnson: Tighter Security Measures Coming    
58:45Brand ISIS    
1:04:26Boehner: FISA Was Needed to Uncover Terror Plot    
1:05:56[Executive Producer Segment]    
1:24:42Religious Freedom Day    
1:26:07Ex-Banker: Oil Prices and Interest Rates    
1:32:05Accuracy of Global Temperature Measurements    
1:36:09Using to Trickery to Promote Global Warming    
1:40:17P5+1 and Iran Nuclear Talks    
1:49:51Admiral Kirby: Troops Moving into Syria    
1:53:57Law Enforcement Equipment Working Group    
1:56:53Glenn Greenwald Interviewed on Newsnight    
2:04:31Privacy Not Constitutionally Protected?    
2:07:00High Speed 79 mph Rail    
2:09:48[Donation Segment]    
2:19:54Robot Revolution    
2:26:45Racism in the Academy Awards    
2:31:57Failure to Stop Poppy Production in Afghanistan    
2:36:52Feud Between Reagan and Robert Kennedy    
2:41:34Russia to Lift Food Ban if Greece Leaves EU    
2:41:55Schengen Visas Being Annulled    
2:43:26Lithuania Preparing for Russian Occupation