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0:00 [Start of Show]    
2:15Violent Tensions After Je suis Charlie Attack    
40:53The Arabs: A Short History    
46:35Je suis Charlie Investigator Commits Suicide    
57:28[Executive Producer Segment]    
1:14:08Transportation Culture    
1:21:58Obama: America's Resurgence is Real    
1:24:02Angela Merkel Vying for UN Secretary General?    
1:28:03Russia to Stop Issuing Drivers Licenses to LGBTs?    
1:36:13Expensive Clean Energy in Germany    
1:45:49Iran Joining the EU Gas Race    
1:48:29Elizabeth Warren on the Keystone Legislation    
1:58:01CISPA Revival    
2:00:36Blackmail Using FBI Cell Site Simulators    
2:09:52Geotags from ISIS Fighter Tweets    
2:15:42[Donation Segment]    
2:32:31San Francisco Eliminated from 2024 Olympics Bid    
2:36:13Uber vs Lyft War Heating Up    
2:38:15Leviathan Gas Field Cited in Israeli Antitrust Case    
2:39:38Fracking Companies Going Bust    
2:42:18Decrease in Crime with Legal Marijuana in Colorado    
2:43:48Felony Charges Against David Petraeus    
2:45:40BBC Chef Tom Kerridge Eats Puffin    
2:48:37California Foie Gras Ban Lifted    
2:50:21Sharpton Rape Allegation