Information about this site and a guide for contributing.



The No Agenda Player is a web-based audio player for the No Agenda Show, a podcast started in October of 2007 by Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak.

Timestamps of major topics are tagged in each episode, and these locations can be linked to using the URL scheme described below.

Direct URLs

No Agenda Player direct URLs are made up of two pieces—a show number and a timestamp, as shown below:

Every episode is tagged with a list of these direct URLs that are easy to share.

You also have the ability to make your own custom direct URLs. Just change the show number and timestamp to the location that you want to share. As long as it is a valid show number and timestamp, it will seek to that location in the episode. Note that if you omit the timestamp, a direct URL will load the show and start playing it from the beginning.


Registered users of the site can contribute tags for unfinished episodes.

Below are instructions for using the tagging mechanism and a basic set of style guidelines to follow.

Submitting Tags

Once you have created an account and verified your email address you will be able to submit tags to unfinished episodes.

A toggle switch on the listen page for each episode will display the tagging interface. As you are listening to the show, use the red '+ Time' button to populate the current timestamp into the form. Once you have entered a description for that location, press the 'Submit Tag' button to add your tag to the review queue.

All tags submitted by new contributors require review by a moderator. Once a contributor reaches 100 approved tags, he/she will gain the ability to submit tags without requiring review.

Style Guide

A location tag should have the following characteristics:

Square brackets are reserved for the following special tags:

Tags are not necessary for every minor topic of discussion or short clip. They should each represent a significant topic, conversation, or clip. Review some of the episodes that have already been tagged to get a feel for this.

Remember, tagging is an art, not a science!