• No Agenda 1196: Clinton Kildepstein

    December 5, 2019

    Executive Producers
    Sir Dave, Earl of America's Heartland and Saudi Arabia; Sir Roy Pearce; Stefanie Bell

    Associate Executive Producers
    Jim Bennett; Zachary McLean; Glenn Bukowski

  • No Agenda 1195: Iranahams

    December 1, 2019

    Executive Producers
    Anonymous Duke; Sir Savor of the Yadkin Valley Grapes; Earl of Luna Sir Kevin McLaughlin; Tom Whittaker; Sir JD Baron of Silly Con Valley

    Associate Executive Producers
    Dame Zelda of the Turtle Realm; Sir Not a Dame Bara; Knight Bruce; Chris G

  • No Agenda 1194: Mint19

    November 28, 2019

    Executive Producers
    John Klene; Sir Hubert, Knight of the Wide Wild East of the Middle Kingdom, Uncle of the Tiger; Sir Cal; Sir Code Monkey; Sir Matt Viscount of Victoria; Sir Hashtag; Sir Ray Jacobsen; Sir 10t, Duke of the Seventh Federal Reserve District; Sir Warren Carroll; Dame G Money

    Associate Executive Producers
    Matthew Ogley; Baronet Stephen of Oswego; Earl Sir Dave Fugazzotto; Myles Putnam; Roger Wehrli; Kristine Codega; Robert Simpson; James W Gilkeson; Zander Wallachia; Sir Maxine Waters Gravel; Sir Dirt Farmer of Illinois

  • No Agenda 1193: Blafrican

    November 24, 2019

    Executive Producers
    Randall Myers; Sir Dwayne Melancon, Grand Duke of the Pacific NW; Sir Justin Karsk of Jobber's Canyon; Sir Hank Scorpio of the Electrical Grid

    Associate Executive Producers
    Texas Dragon; Sir McQueen of Blighttown; Dame Astrid Duchess of Japan and all the Disputed Islands in the Japan Sea; Wesley Clark; Jason Maloney

  • No Agenda 1192: Balderdash!

    November 21, 2019

    Executive Producers
    Reid Gilbert; Earl Sir David Fugazzotto

    Associate Executive Producers
    Bronnette Upon Non Hill Pete; Sir James; Baron Dirty Dick Bangs; Chaz Major; Erik Ahrsjo

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